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People know that trusts and estate planning are topics that they must deal with. They must meet with an attorney who understands the complexities involved in establishing a plan that matches their specific situation. An attorney like this can help them make informed decisions to distribute their assets and avoid the stress that accompanies the absence of a comprehensive plan.

In Southwest Virginia, people count on Attorney John S. Edwards and the Edwards Law Firm in Roanoke, VA, for all of their trusts and estate planning needs. Attorney Edwards is an authority on trusts and estate planning, who can help clients establish a legal framework that will completely handle all of their assets and wishes.

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The Intricacies of Trusts and Estate Planning

Navigating through all the ins and outs of trusts and estate planning can be very difficult, but it is vitally important for you, your family, and your business to do so.

There are many kinds of trusts, including spendthrift trusts, testator’s trusts, inter-vivo trusts, and charitable trusts. Some trusts protect the assets of a child to a certain age of maturity. There are also trusts to protect the property and assets of a special needs child or adult.

Estate planning can also be very complex. It involves much more than just a last will and testament. It can help resolve many elder law issues that come with incapacity or death. Planning can distribute assets, create testamentary trusts, allocate personal property, prevent unwanted tax consequences, and solve guardianship issues. It can also include healthcare directives like living wills and powers of attorney. When you decide to set these up, you need an attorney who fully understands the intricacies of trusts and estate planning.

Trusts and Estate Planning Are Important, Let Us Help

If someone dies without an estate plan, the Commonwealth of Virginia will decide the disposition of their assets under the intestate succession law. The state may not transfer assets where desired, and the law does nothing for asset protection. It may also cause negative tax consequences.

Let Attorney Edwards and Edwards Law Firm handle your trusts and estate planning. We have vast experience and knowledge, and we pass this to every single client. Attorney Edwards will discuss your needs with you and develop a plan that will cover everything and alleviate many worries. Southwest Virginia turns to Edwards Law Firm for trusts and estate planning. Our firm has proudly and reliably served clients from Roanoke, VA; Salem, VA; Botetourt County, VA; Montgomery County, VA; Bedford, VA; and Franklin County, VA since 1993.

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