Legal Services for Bedford, VA,
and Franklin County, VA

You Can Depend on Edwards Law Firm in Roanoke, VA

People in Bedford, VA, and throughout Bedford County, VA, and Franklin County, VA, need sure, experienced legal representation. Turn to Southwest Virginia’s smart choice for a lawyer: Attorney John S. Edwards and Edwards Law Firm in Roanoke, VA. Our team has been offering excellent legal services since 1993. Attorney Edwards has more than 40 years of experience that he brings to every client’s case. No case is too simple or too complex for Edwards Law Firm.

Contact our firm today for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your case with Attorney Edwards. Call us at (540) 985-8625 or contact us online for the best legal representation available in Bedford VA; Bedford County, VA; Rocky Mount, VA; and Franklin County, VA.

Commercial Litigation? We Fight for You in Bedford, VA

Business owners can do everything exactly right, and still face looming commercial litigation. If you are a business owner in Bedford, VA, facing a lawsuit, call on Edwards Law Firm. Our firm provides outstanding representation for commercial litigation cases for Southwest Virginia. From vendor disputes to breach of contract accusations, Attorney Edwards handles it all. Consult with an experienced lawyer on your commercial matter today.

Trusts and Estate Planning in Bedford County, VA

Planning for the future often takes a backseat for a multitude of reasons, whether it is “a lack of time” or people not wanting to face the inevitable. However, it is important to make sure an arrangement is in place to handle assets and to set a plan in motion. When people in Bedford County, VA, and all across Southwest Virginia are ready to discuss trusts and estate planning, they rely on Attorney Edwards. The legal team at Edwards Law Firm can help navigate the twists and turns in drafting a trust. Plan for the future of your estate and help avoid pitfalls.

Personal Injury and Traffic Law Representation for Rocky Mount, VA

When people in Rocky Mount, VA, and throughout Franklin County, VA, deal with a personal injury claim, they need a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer to fight for their rights. Attorney Edwards and Edwards Law Firm will fight for you. Claimants have enough to worry about, with pain, appointments, surgeries, and lost wages. Let us alleviate the stress over the personal injury claim. We also help clients who face traffic charges. Trust Edwards Law Firm for all personal injury claims and traffic law matters.

Let Attorney Edwards Argue Your State and Federal Appeals

The Edwards Law Firm has particular experience when it comes to arguing state and federal appeals. Attorney Edwards has successfully argued appeals on both the federal and state levels. He has also served as United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, so he has a special understanding of the federal court system. There are many differences between the trial system and the appellate courts. Attorney Edwards expertly understands the particulars of the state and federal appeals process. Call Edwards Law Firm today. We proudly serve Franklin County, VA, and Southwest Virginia.

Outstanding Defense Against White-Collar Crime Charges

Our firm also expertly handles legal representation for white-collar crime. If charged with any white-collar crime, from mail and wire fraud to RICO charges, call Attorney Edwards immediately. We have successfully defended many white-collar crime cases, and we can defend you, too. In Bedford, VA; Bedford County, VA; Rocky Mount, VA; or Franklin County, VA, contact us right now.