Reliable Legal Representation
for Botetourt County, VA

Edwards Law Firm in Roanoke Fights for Southwest Virginia

When residents and businesses throughout Botetourt County, VA, need sharp, experienced legal representation, they can turn to Attorney John S. Edwards and the Edwards Law Firm in Roanoke. No case is too simple or too complex for our legal team. Our firm has been serving Southwest Virginia’s legal needs since 1993, and Attorney Edwards has more than four decades of experience as a lawyer.

Call our firm now at (540) 985-8625 to schedule an appointment to discuss your matter with Attorney Edwards. Or for more information, contact us online for reliable legal representation in Botetourt County, VA.

Facing Commercial Litigation? Protect Your Interest and Call Us Today

The risk of commercial litigation haunts the corners of every business. A company might do everything right and still face a lawsuit. When businesses throughout Botetourt County, VA, need legal representation to combat some sort of commercial litigation, they can trust Edwards Law Firm. Whether facing allegations of negligence, breach of contract, or even accusations of fraud, Attorney Edwards has the experience and skill to protect the interest of your business.

Help With Drafting Trusts and Estate Planning for Fincastle, VA

Residents of Fincastle, VA, cannot ignore matters relating to drafting trusts and estate planning. Take time to plan for the future and the inevitable. When Botetourt County residents need to set up trusts or make a plan for their estate, hiring Attorney Edwards and the legal team at Edwards Law Firm can be a wise decision. We bring experience and knowledge to each case to help our clients navigate the twists and turns of trusts and estate planning.

Let Us Defend Your Personal Injury Claim or Traffic Charges

Have a personal injury claim? Let Attorney Edwards and Edwards Law Firm fight the legal battle. We have represented many people from Botetourt County, VA, and won them fair compensation for their pain and suffering. There is enough to worry about; lean on Edwards Law Firm to handle your personal injury claim. Our legal team can also help with traffic law charges.

Turn to Us to Handle Buchanan, VA, State and Federal Appeals

Attorney Edwards and Edwards Law Firm have special experience with state and federal appeals that greatly benefits our clients. Attorney Edwards served as the United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, so he intimately understands the federal court system. He has also successfully argued many appeals at the federal and state levels. When clients deal with appellate courts, they must appreciate the vast differences from the trial system. With such significant expertise in state and federal appeals, and for residents of Buchanan, VA, and the Botetourt County area, Attorney Edwards and the Edwards Law Firm is the right choice for representation.

Defense Against White-Collar Crime for Troutville, VA

Edwards Law Firm also offers outstanding representation for defense against white-collar crime for residents of Troutville, VA, and surrounding areas. Whether you face bribery, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, or RICO charges, call us right away. Attorney Edwards will fight for your rights in Troutville, VA, and throughout Botetourt County, VA.